Park’s Blueberries

Park’s Blueberries

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Pioneers in the use of nets for food safety and new product development,  Bill and Diane Parks, of Parks Blueberries,  have been growing blueberries for over 30 years. It’s an impressive site to see 40 acres of 4-6 ft tall blueberry bushes stretching out over rich, irrigated land, and completely under netting.

Bruce and Hope Parks now own the blueberry operation and grow six varieties: Reka, Bluecrop, Duke, Northland Berry Bush, Legacy and Draper.

Guests can pick their own berries from July to August, or purchase fresh or frozen berries, along with blueberry products of all sorts, including juice, baking and books.

After picking their berries, guests who stop in at the main building don’t know where to go first…whether to shop in the Country Store full of gifts, house wares and a signature line of preserves, the Bakeshop offering tempting blueberry treats, or the Café with healthy meal options.

Parks Blueberries has thrived over the last decade as blueberries have increasingly become recognized as one of nature’s super-fruits.  Due to the high level of anti-oxidants they provide, blueberries are now linked with improvements in memory, motor skills, vision, cardiovascular and urinary tract along with cancer prevention, and a reduction in the effects of aging.

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