Winter Wheat – Ramping It Up

Winter Wheat – Ramping It Up

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From Peter Johnson, Cereals Specialist, OMAF and MRA

Years ago, no one sprayed wheat with a fungicide, and even rarely with a herbicide. Today, it is a common practice to spray a fusarium fungicide on your wheat crop. The fusarium issues this year have really driven this point home. Performance trials are meant to “mirror” the management practices of growers. In 2010, the Ontario Cereal Crop Committee (OCCC) realized that the cereal performance trials needed to address this issue. OMAF and MRA began including “managed” trials (fungicides applied) within the unsprayed trials to determine if this changed the rankings of the varieties. Go to the OCCC website, to see the “Variety Trials”. Tables 1A, 2A and 3A show the relative yields of both managed and unsprayed trials. Check it out, and pick the best variety for the management options you apply.

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