CK Communities In Action Now Symposium

CK Communities In Action Now Symposium

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From a release

The Community Strategic Planning Committee (CSPC) is pleased to confirm the subjects of presentations by the three keynote speakers at the upcoming CK Communities in Action NOW event. Organized by the CSPC with support from the municipality, the program allows volunteer community groups from around Chatham-Kent to share their local successes and challenges.

CSPC Chair Kathryn Biondi says, “Drawing from both their academic and their practical experience, our visiting experts will share information and insights which could help Chatham-Kent’s community members plan more effectively for the future.” She adds, “Doctors Caldwell, Fitzgibbon and Young have agreed to remain with us for the entire day so that, in addition to their official presentations in the morning, they will take part in continuing discussions about issues of interest to our municipality.”

Dr. Wayne Caldwell, Director of the University of Guelph’s School of Environmental Design and Rural Development, will talk about “Building on Your Strengths for a Better Tomorrow: Key Factors for Success”. In providing an overview of current trends impacting rural communities, Caldwell will point out linkages between key strategies and success for achieving healthy local economies.

Drawing on his expertise in agricultural communities, Dr. John Fitzgibbon, who is also from the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development, will consider new pressures and trends affecting agriculture in his presentation “Agricultural Development and the Future Community in Ontario”. Considering intensification, diversification, vertical integration and specialisation, Fitzgibbon will look at why those changes are happening. He confirms, “I shall outline skill sets needed to succeed and how the agricultural community is responding to consumer interests.”

Using historic data from Chatham-Kent’s weather of the past, Dr. James Young of the international environment group ARCADIS SENES has formed predictions of our future weather patterns. In “Chatham-Kent’s Future Climate – Threats & Opportunities” he will explore how weather will impact our tourism, agriculture, infrastructure and safety. Should we expect more abnormal events with extreme temperatures and storms? Should we be considering different crops or growing seasons? Can we look forward to more time on the beach? Young predicts, “Our climate is changing, which means not just threats but also opportunities to the astute observer.”

The remainder of the day will be highly interactive with opportunities for networking and exploration of topics of interest.

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