Ontario Hazelnut Association Announces 5th Annual Hazelnut Symposium

Ontario Hazelnut Association Announces 5th Annual Hazelnut Symposium

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From a release

Simcoe, ON, November 19, 2013 – The Ontario Hazelnut Association (OHA) announced today that the 5th Annual Ontario Hazelnut Symposium to be held in Brantford, March 25, 2014. The symposium will also feature the 2nd Annual Ontario Hazelnut Association Annual General Meeting of Members.

The expansion of the commercial hazelnut business in the province, which eventually will result in a new, multi-million dollar sector for agribusiness, is the key priority for the OHA and this meeting will address concerns and opportunities for growers.

Specifically, this symposium will address sourcing and planting of hazelnut trees, the opportunities in different regions, market size and development, costs of production, potential incentive programs, and agreements with partners in the sector. The objective is to identify new growing opportunities and set farmers up with the most accurate, direct information possible so that decisions to plant hundreds of acres in 2014 can occur.

“This symposium will be the catalyst for growers to commit land to hazelnut orchard development”, says Martin Hodgson, a hazelnut grower and Chair of the Board of Directors of the OHA. “In addition, the Board of Directors of the Ontario Hazelnut Association will encourage much participation by growers to get involved with association affairs, which will lead to success across the province as we launch this new agri-business venture”.

“With the signature of the three year Memorandum of Understanding with Ferrero, growers can have confidence that the market for hazelnuts is secure and that Ferrero is committed to Ontario production for the long term” says Dr. John Kelly, Director of the OHA. “This symposium will provide growers detailed information on the aspects of that MOU.”

Sourcing of trees for growers will be addressed at this symposium. “Nurseries are ready and able to provide trees to growers” says Rob Haynes, Vice Chair of the OHA. “Through our globally leading propagation systems, we have the ability to supply our growers, and details of the supply will be provided at the symposium”.

Symposium presentations and further information will be available for members of the OHA on the OHA website.

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