Soybean Herbicide Approved For BASF

Soybean Herbicide Approved For BASF

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MISSISSAUGA, ON, July 10, 2014 – BASF Canada is in the final stages of establishing import tolerances or maximum residue limits (MRLs) for ERAGON® herbicide on soybeans and dry beans for key markets around the world. As a result, BASF will be supporting the use of ERAGON herbicide as a harvest aid and desiccant on these crops in 2014.

“When used as a harvest aid and desiccant, ERAGON provides fast, complete crop and weed dry down, improving harvest efficiency and crop quality,” said Sean Chiki, Brand Manager for Corn and Soybean Herbicides at BASF. “By tank-mixing with glyphosate, ERAGON also provides control of perennial weeds, ensuring cleaner fields the following year.”

ERAGON herbicide has become an essential glyphosate tank-mix partner for pre-seed applications in soybeans, corn and wheat, improving the level of control on tough weeds including glyphosate, Group 2 and triazine resistant biotypes.

“BASF is committed to maintaining the high standards of Canadian agriculture and will continue working with growers across the country to find solutions that help achieve that goal,” said Chiki.

Growers should consult with the processing and exporting companies that they plan to sell their crops to before finalizing harvest aid/desiccant decisions to ensure marketability of the crop.

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