BASF Supports The Use Of Eragon® Herbicide As a Pre-Harvest Application For The 2014 Season

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From a release

MISSISSAUGA, ON, August 13, 2014 – BASF announced today that maximum residue limits (MRLs) for ERAGON® as a harvest aid and desiccant have been established for the European Union for soybeans and dry beans. MRLs were already established in Japan, Codex countries and the United States for soybeans and dry beans. BASF supports the use of ERAGON on these crops for the 2014 pre-harvest application season.

“BASF is committed to developing products that help Canadian growers produce the highest quality crop possible,” said Sean Chiki, Brand Manager, Corn and Soybean Herbicides, for BASF Canada. “ERAGON provides a fast and complete dry down of both the crop and weeds thus helping to speed up and improve harvest, and also leave fields cleaner for the following year.”

Growers can now apply ERAGON herbicide for pre-harvest use on dry beans and soybeans. Growers concerned about potential MRL risks for their export crops should consult with their processing and exporting companies before finalizing harvest aid and desiccant decisions to ensure marketability of the crop.

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