Soybean Crop To Be a Record-StatsCan-Meantime Corn Down Nearly 20%

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From Statistics Canada, the Daily


Nationally, soybean production is expected to reach 5.9 million tonnes in 2014, surpassing the record 5.2 million tonnes set in 2013.

In Ontario, soybean production is expected to increase 15.8% to a record 3.6 million tonnes. This is due to a 21.4% increase in harvested area to 3.0 million acres, as average yield is expected to decrease 4.6% to 43.2 bushels per acre.

Quebec farmers project a 16.9% increase in soybean production to a record 990 000 tonnes. Harvested area is expected to increase 17.8% to 836,500 acres. However, yield is anticipated to decrease 0.7% to 43.5 bushels per acre.

In Manitoba, harvested area of soybeans is expected to increase 17.7% to 1.2 million acres, while yield is anticipated to decrease 14.6% to 32.1 bushels per acre. Consequently, soybean production (+0.6%) could reach a level similar to the 2013 record of 1.1 million tonnes.

Corn for grain

At the national level, corn for grain production is expected to decrease 19.5%, from the record 14.2 million tonnes in 2013, to 11.4 million tonnes in 2014.

Following record corn for grain production in 2013, Ontario farmers anticipate a 16.8% decrease in 2014 to 7.5 million tonnes. This is mostly due to a 15.3% decrease in seeded area, since average yield (-1.7%) is expected to be relatively stable.

Quebec farmers project a 19.7% decrease in corn for grain production to 3.0 million tonnes, as a result of decreases in both harvested area (-15.4%) and average yield (-5.2%).

In Manitoba, production of corn for grain is anticipated to reach 739 200 tonnes, down from a record 1.2 million tonnes in 2013, as a result of lower harvested area (-26.7%) and lower yield (-17.3%).

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