Grapes, Apples, Cabbage, Cucumbers… And a Whole Lot More Is Grown In China

Grapes, Apples, Cabbage, Cucumbers… And a Whole Lot More Is Grown In China

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In past columns, we’ve looked at how Chatham-Kent ranks in terms of our agriculture and food production sector compared to the rest of Ontario, Canada, and the world.  This week, let’s look at some food crops in terms of global production just to see who grows what, which you will hopefully find very interesting.

The World’s Top Producers (in order):

  • Almonds – U.S., Spain, Italy, Iran
  • Apples – China, U.S., Turkey, Italy
  • Bananas – India, Uganda, China, Philippines
  • Barley – Russia, France, Germany, Ukraine
  • Beef – U.S., Brazil, China, Argentina
  • Blueberries – U.S., Canada, Poland, Germany
  • Cabbage – China, India, Russia, Korea
  • Carrots – China, Russia, U.S., Poland
  • Cauliflower – China, India, Spain, Italy
  • Cherries – Turkey, U.S., Iran, Italy
  • Cinnamon – Sri Lanka, China, India, Vietnam
  • Cocoa – Ivory Coast, Ghana, Indonesia, Cameroon
  • Coconut – Indonesia, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka
  • Coffee – Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia
  • Corn – U.S., China, Brazil, Mexico
  • Cotton – China, India, U.S., Pakistan
  • Cranberries – U.S., Canada, Belarus, Azerbaijan
  • Cucumbers – China, Iran, Turkey, Russia
  • Eggs – China, U.S., India, Japan
  • Fish – China, Peru, Indonesia, U.S.
  • Garlic – China, India, Korea, Russia
  • Grapes – China, Italy, U.S., Spain
  • Green Beans – China, Indonesia, Turkey, India
  • Green Peas – Canada, France, China, Russia
  • Honey – China, U.S., Argentina, Turkey
  • Lemons and Limes – India, Mexico, Argentina, China
  • Lentils – India, Canada, Turkey, Nepal
  • Lettuce – China, U.S., India, Italy
  • Milk – U.S., India, China, Russia
  • Mushrooms – China, U.S., Netherlands, Poland
  • Oats – Russia, Canada, Poland, U.S.
  • Olives – Spain, Italy, Greece, Tunisia
  • Onions – China, India, U.S., Turkey
  • Oranges – Brazil, U.S., India, China
  • Peaches – China, Italy, U.S., Spain
  • Peanuts – China, India, U.S., Argentina
  • Pears – China, Italy, U.S., Argentina
  • Pineapples – Philippines, Thailand, Costa Rica, Indonesia
  • Pork – China, U.S., Germany, Spain, Brazil
  • Potatoes – China, India, Russia, Ukraine
  • Poultry – U.S., China, Brazil, Mexico
  • Pumpkin – China, India, Russia, U.S.
  • Raspberries – Russia, Serbia, U.S., Poland
  • Rice – China, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh
  • Salt – U.S., China, Germany, Canada
  • Soybeans – U.S., Brazil, Argentina, China
  • Spinach – China, U.S., Japan, Turkey
  • Strawberries – U.S., Spain, Japan, Korea
  • Sugar – Brazil, India, China, Thailand
  • Sweet Potato – China, Uganda, Nigeria, Indonesia
  • Tea – China, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka
  • Tomatoes – China, U.S., Turkey, India
  • Vanilla – Indonesia, Madagascar, China, Mexico
  • Watermelon – China, Turkey, Iran, Brazil
  • Wheat – China, India, U.S., Russia
  • Wine – France, Italy, Spain, U.S.

There you have it. There are some countries I was surprised to see on these lists. We have lots of opportunities in our agriculture sector here in Chatham-Kent. We just need to strategically move them forward.

Think about this – Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts to the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ.

Just some real food for thought.

Remember that here in Chatham-Kent ‘We Grow for the World’. Check out this website –

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