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BASF has an impressive portfolio of products that satisfies growers’ needs throughout the growing season. To remain a leader in the industry, BASF is investing in research to produce the best chemistries that will combat resistance issues that growers face today. BASF introduced Odyssey Ultra for the 2015 growing season, which combines the early season broadleaf and flushing weed control of Odyssey with the proven grass control of Poast Ultra.

Poast Ultra has been a tried and true systemic herbicide that yielded great results for growers in the past. When mixed with Odyssey, Odyssey Ultra offers multiple modes of action to keep up with the changing industry needs of growers through a broader spectrum of grassy weed control and a wider window of application.

“Odyssey Ultra is the newest addition to the BASF pulse portfolio and registered for use on Clearfield lentils, field peas and soybeans,” said Danielle Eastman, Western Herbicide Brand Manager at BASF Canada. “We work closely with growers to ensure we are offering products that meet the needs of today’s producers.”

BASF invests in research, trials and testing to continually improve current and new chemistries. As the industry changes, BASF understands that growers are looking for products that deliver multiple modes of action to attack unwanted weeds in the field.

“I have used Poast Ultra in the past and was excited when I heard BASF used Poast Ultra as the grass weed control with Odyssey to create Odyssey Ultra,” said George Graham, a Clearfield canola grower from Foxwarren, Manitoba. “I think it is very important to use two modes of action, especially when dealing with resistance issues. BASF products really help me address resistance problems on my farm. I think BASF is heading in the right direction with the products they are creating.”

BASF has submitted to the Pest Management Regulatory Agency for a label expansion to include Japanese Brome Grass, as BASF recognizes the increasing need to control these weeds and are working with growers to combat the issue and create a stronger future.

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