Ontario Crop Specialist Receives International Award

Ontario Crop Specialist Receives International Award

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From a news release

Dale Cowan, of AGRIS Co-operative and Wanstead Farmers Co-operative in southwestern Ontario, has been named 2016 International Certified Crop Adviser’s (ICCA) Adviser of the Year.

The International Certified Crop Adviser of the Year Award recognizes a certified crop adviser who delivers exceptional customer service, is highly innovative, has shown that they are a leader in their field, and has contributed substantially to the exchange of ideas and the transfer of agronomic knowledge within the agriculture industry.

Cowan has been the senior agronomist and sales manager with AGRIS Co-op and Wanstead Farmers Co-op for the past six years and has established a 25-year business relationship as an agronomic service provider with the Ontario agriculture co-operative network.

In addition to advising large growers, Cowan mentors 14 CCAs. Combined, Cowan reviews recommendations across 275,000 acres comprised of over 300 key accounts. Over more than 35 years, he has advised growers on corn, soybeans, and wheat as well as cucumbers, watermelons, and tomatoes.

“This award was unexpected and I feel very honoured to have received it,” said Cowan. “I think it reflects well on the Ontario CCA program and I must acknowledge the group effort because no one builds a career in isolation,” he added.

“Dale is a great example of the knowledge, experience, innovation, and ethical conduct that the CCA program has come to be recognized for,” said AGRIS General Manager Jim Campbell. “Through his professional and volunteer activities, Dale has been instrumental in the development and promotion of sustainable agronomy and precision farming practices throughout Ontario,” he added.

Cowan’s involvement includes participation in the Ontario Agri-Business Association (OABA) as representative, board member and president; chair of the Ontario CCA Board; vice chair of Provincial Nutrient Management Advisory Committee; work with Ontario Drinking Water Stewardship Advisory Committee on Funding; and activity on the Crops Input Committee/Agriculture Research and Education Committee.

He is also the CCA representative to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs Soil Health Working Group and is a member of the Ontario CCA Exam Committee and a regular contributor to several farm publications.

The award is given on an annual basis at the American Society of Agronomy (ASA) Annual Meeting.

ICCA is the largest, most recognized agriculture certification program in North America. Its professional standards are widely respected by industry, academia, and government.

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