Online Risk Management Course Launched

Online Risk Management Course Launched

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From a news release

The Canadian Farm Learning Centre (CFLC), in partnership with Farm Management Canada (FMC), is pleased to announce the launch of a new online module modelled after FMC’s Comprehensive Guide to Managing Risk in Agriculture. The Managing Risk in Agriculture module provides farmers with the opportunity to assess risks facing their farm business and develop plans to seize opportunity and mitigate the negative effects of uncertainty. The module includes interactive exercises along with practical analysis and planning tools.

“The key process involved in risk management is to think strategically in advance and to manage risk within the framework of a plan; the outcome will support logical and effective decision-making in a timely manner,” says Heather Watson, Executive Director of FMC. “However, we recognize everyone likes to learn differently and have options available to them for furthering their management skills. We are pleased to be able to offer this risk assessment and planning tool in this new online learning format.”

After completing the Risk Management Module, farm managers will have a deeper understanding of how risk may affect the overall management decisions of a farm operation. The risk mitigation measures outlined will also better prepare a farmer to operate a safer and more efficient farming operation.

“In coming years, increased farm profitability will likely come from enhanced farm management skills rather than from improved productivity. Utilizing technology will continue to be essential, but a better understanding of financial management, farm structures, tax minimization etc. is and will become more critical to successful farm management. Joint efforts of FMC and CFLC are a great resource to the Canadian farm community to enhance farm management skills,” reports Donavon Tofin, Founder of the Canadian Farm Learning Centre.

For more information on the program, and to register for the online module, please visit:

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