Pork Research Cluster Gets $1.8M In New Investment

Pork Research Cluster Gets $1.8M In New Investment

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From a news release

The Government of Canada is providing an additional $1.8 million to the pork research cluster to continue responding to consumer concerns around the humane treatment of animals.

This additional sum brings the total federal government investment to $14.8 million and will help to expand on research work already underway as part of the five-year (2013-18) research cluster. New research will address the issue of sow housing and improved living conditions for both sows and piglets.

“Enhancing the competitiveness and the sustainability of the Canadian pork industry is Swine Innovation Porc’s primary goal and focus,” said Stewart Cressman, Chair of Swine Innovation Porc. “In addition to responding to concerns about animal welfare, the Swine Cluster 2 research program also addresses animal health and reducing feed costs. This additional investment in research will further the outcomes of this program and ensure that emerging issues facing the pork sector will continue to be addressed.”

Swine Innovation Porc, which manages the research cluster, works with industry, government and academia to facilitate research, technology transfer and commercialization initiatives designed to enhance the profitability of the Canadian pork value chain.

In 2015, Canada was the third largest pork exporter, with sales of $3.45 billion to 95 countries.

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