Burn Permit For Agriculture And Campfires

Burn Permit For Agriculture And Campfires

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CHATHAM-KENT (April 7, 2017) – As spring like weather approaches, Chatham-Kent Fire & Emergency Services is reminding residents to obtain their burn permits.  The Municipality of Chatham-Kent has had an Open Air Burn Bylaw since 2009. This 2009 bylaw has been repealed and replaced and now contains provisions for two types of permits: Open Air Burn (Agricultural) Permit and a Campfire Permit.

“The bylaw was revised on the basis of striking a balance between public safety and improving customer service,” says Fire and Paramedic Chief Ken Stuebing, “The new bylaw also recognizes the unique circumstances found in the Agricultural Sector by allowing more exemptions to the bylaw and allowing for larger or multiple fires”.

In addition, the new bylaw also promotes tourism by allowing cooking fires, campfires, recreational fires, and the use of fire pits and approved burning devices such as a chimineas.

The Agricultural permit and the Campfire permit are available by visiting www.ckfes.ca or any local municipal service centre.



1.     You must have a burn permit to have a campfire (see http://ckfes.ca/open-burn-permits/ for definitions and requirements)

a.     The Agricultural Permit is used to address the needs of the agriculture community.

b.     The Campfire Permit can be used to have a campfire to be able to keep warm, for recreation, including family or friend gatherings, and cooking; and is available to all residents of Chatham-Kent, provided the campfire location meets with the required clearances contained within the bylaw. Tenants of a property must have the permission of the property owner before applying for a campfire permit.

2.     The cost of a campfire permit will be $20 per property per year. The property owner or tenant will be responsible for renewing the campfire permit on a yearly basis, reminders will not be sent by the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.

3.     The permit holder can have a campfire until 1:00AM.

4.     All burn permit applications may take up to one week for processing and approval.

5.     Fires located in Licenced Recreational Campgrounds do not require burn permits to be obtained by campers or visitors.

6.     All burn permits will be suspended on days with air quality alerts, high winds exceeding 30km per hour, and during periods of time with High or Extreme Fire Weather Index ratings. These Burn Bans will be posted on the municipal website.

For additional information please contact:

Whitney Burk

Public Educator

Chatham-Kent Fire & Emergency Services



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