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Ontario Federation of Agriculture Commentary

By Debra Pretty-Straathof, OFA Director

Once a year our farm sector receives a special day designated as Canada’s Agriculture Day. This year’s event is on February 13, and it’s a great time to recognize the strong, innovative and diverse industry we are all a part of.

Canadian agriculture holds tremendous potential for growth and innovation. Our industry received special recognition and high praise in the 2017 Barton Report when it was identified as a sector where Canada has the potential for substantial growth and export improvement. The 2017 report – a comprehensive set of recommendations from the federal government’s Advisory Council on Economic Growth – stated that Canada has the potential to become the second largest exporter in the world, all thanks to agriculture.

Canada currently stands as the world’s fifth largest agricultural exporter. We have a great opportunity to be the trusted global leader in safe, nutritious and sustainable food in the 21st century. Expanding world populations, a rising protein demand in Asia and a need for trusted markets puts Canada in the perfect position for growth to serve our growing global markets.

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) is proud to represent and celebrate Ontario farmers who drive our innovative and progressive industry every day. OFA is also committed to serving our members to realize the potential our agri-food sector offers both provincial and federal economies for substantial growth and export opportunities.

OFA continues to remind and inform government about the importance of Ontario’s agri-food sector as a key economic driver. The Barton Report supports the strength and opportunities for all Ontarians when government invests in agriculture and food.

Take time to celebrate Canadian farms and agriculture on February 13, and take pride in the contributions we make.

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