Tilth And Tilling – It’s All About The Soil

Tilth And Tilling – It’s All About The Soil

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This week, we will finish looking at various terms and phrases related to the agriculture sector. Thank you to Farm and Food Care Ontario for their help with this.

Supply management ¬– The system under which the Canadian chicken, egg, turkey and dairy industries operate. This quota system ensures that farmers of these types of animal and poultry produce the amount of product needed for Canadian consumers. Supply management balances supply with demand and prevents overproduction, flooded markets and depressed prices for farmers. It allows these industries to remain sustainable and profitable for farmers.

Tie stall dairy barn – In this type of barn, dairy cows are tied in stalls next to each other. They have constant access to water and are fed in a manger in front of them. The cows are milked in their stall.

Tile drainage – Porous drain pipe is buried 0.75 to one metre down in the soil of a field allowing water to move to the pipe and drain away quickly. This allows farmers to begin working in their fields earlier in the spring because the excess water is drained away, and yields are increased

Tilling – Ploughing, cultivating or otherwise working up soil to prepare it for planting

Tilth – A term referring to the physical condition of the soil in respect to its suitability for planting crops. Factors used to determine tilth include aeration, moisture content, aggregation of soil particles, drainage and water infiltration.

Tom turkey – Adult, male turkeys. They can weigh between eight and 20 kg and have a wing span of up to 1.5 metres. It is only Tom turkeys that make the famous “gobble gobble” sound.

Transponder tag – A tag with a computer chip that identifies an animal and transmits information about its feed intake or milk output to the farm’s computer (for statistical purposes).

Udder – The udder is the mammary organ that secretes the animal’s milk. A cow’s udder has four teats. A goat’s udder has two.

Ventilation – Ventilation is extremely important in barns as animals and poultry need to have access to fresh air year-round. There are several types of ventilation systems that are adaptable to the change in seasons.

Watershed – An area of land that collects and discharges water into a single stream or other outlet. Also called a catchment or drainage basin.

Wattle – The reddish-pink flesh-like covering on the throat and neck of a turkey. It helps to release extra body heat.

Weaned – This term is used to describe the stage when animals are taken off their mother’s milk and fed solid foods, like grasses.

Wether – A neutered male sheep.

Just another reminder to be patient and careful on our local roadways now that our farmers are busy with planting season over the next couple of months. Our farmers are not trying to slow you down, but are just trying to do their job. Thank you for your understanding.


Thoughts for the week – When you get to your wit’s end, you will find God lives there.

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