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From Grain Farmers of Ontario

Grain Farmers of Ontario has been working with Agricorp to get answers to questions for our farmer-members around vomitoxin and insurance. Agricorp has issued information on understanding coverage for vomitoxin (DON) in corn.

Vomitoxin and all plant diseases are insured perils that are covered by Production Insurance. Report damage you find to Agricorp and keep them updated on changes to your crop.

Please see the document issued by Agricorp for farmers on what Production Insurance covers, how to contact an adjuster, the claims process, additional resources, and recommendations.

Grain Farmers of Ontario recommends contacting Agricorp directly if you find vomitoxin in your corn. Agricorp can be reached at 1-888-247-4999.

Vomitoxin in corn is not a single issue or one that can be solved easily. If you are concerned about vomitoxin in corn take a sample for indication of quality prior to delivery. There can be field-to-field variability, so sample each field as your progress through harvest.

Grain Farmers of Ontario has created a Vomitoxin Fact Sheet with links to resources and lab contact information for sample testing and best management practices.

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