Truly Green Farms

Truly Green Farms

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Recognized as the first of its kind in North America, Truly Green Farms, operated by the Devries family, is 22.5 acres of greenhouse that produces up to 21 million kilograms of tomatoes annually. In partnership with GreenField Ethanol, the green house utilizes the ethanol plant’s waste heat and carbon dioxide. Tomatoes respond best to massive amounts of carbon dioxide. Due to the partnership, the greenhouses enjoy 40% lower heating costs and a 5% increased tomato production compared to its competitors.

Close to 80% of Ontario’s greenhouse industry is located in Chatham-Kent and neighbouring Essex County. Ontario’s ethanol industry produces 885 million litres of ethanol annually.

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Did you know?

Chatham-Kent Is The NUMBER TWO Producer Of Brussels Sprouts In All Of Canada.

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