DuPont Launches New Engarde(TM) Herbicide

DuPont Launches New Engarde(TM) Herbicide

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Mississauga, ON – (January 7, 2014) — Corn growers know that controlling early-season weed competition is critical to producing a high-yielding crop. Now, there’s a new and better way to do that, while guarding against weed resistance.

DuPont Crop Protection announced today that new DuPont(TM) Engarde(TM) herbicide will be available in Ontario and Quebec for the 2014 growing season.

Engarde(TM) contains 2 modes-of-action (Groups 2 and 27) – that deliver powerful action on tough broadleaf and grass weeds from pre-emergence up to the 2-leaf stage of corn. It’s ideal for conventional, minimum or no-till corn production.

According to Dave Kloppenburg, Row Crop Segment Manager with DuPont Crop Protection,

Engarde(TM) brings something powerfully new to the corn market.

“Engarde(TM) provides twice the protection for your corn,” says Kloppenburg. “It has two modes-of-action for broad-spectrum control of broadleaf and grass weeds, including those resistant to other herbicides. It also delivers two kinds of activity, knockdown and residual, along with valuable flexibility in timing your early-season weed control program.”

Engarde(TM) is strong on broadleaf weeds including common ragweed, lamb’s-quarters, redroot pigweed (including triazine resistant biotypes), velvetleaf and wild mustard.

In terms of grassy weeds, Engarde(TM) is labeled for a broad spectrum of species including barnyard grass, fall panicum, green and yellow foxtail, old witch grass and crabgrass.

“There are a couple of situations where Engarde(TM) is a great fit, depending on your weed spectrum,” says Kloppenburg. “One, use it as a set-up treatment before your in-crop glyphosate. Two, tank-mix Engarde(TM) with a grass herbicide and apply that as a one-pass weed control program. For growers dealing with early-season weed competition, those are great options to have.”

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