Chicken Campaign Creates Connections

Chicken Campaign Creates Connections

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From FCC Express, by Owen Roberts

Chicken farmers are hoping a new grassroots branding campaign will capitalize on producers’ already high public standing, while appealing to consumers’ demand for quality, safety and local food.

The campaign, “Raised by a Canadian Farmer,” was launched on Monday by the Chicken Farmers of Canada.

The campaign showcases farmers’ commitment to provide nutritious chicken raised to the highest standards of care, quality and freshness, says CFC chair David Janzen.

“Consumers increasingly want to know the story behind their food,” he says. “Thanks to the system of supply management, most chicken in grocery stores is already produced by Canadian farmers. But with ever-growing calls to know where and how food is produced, we need to let shoppers know just how proud our farmers are in helping to feed families in every corner of the country.”

Abbotsford, B.C. chicken farmer Kerry Froese says the Raised by a Canadian Farmer branding initiative is a plus for producers.

“It brings additional value to our already well-regarded product,” Froese says. “This brand will go a long way towards [supporting] management and profitability, in it’s clear demonstration of the commitment of Canadian chicken farmers to consumers.”

The organization’s research shows most Canadians would trust a national brand if it came from a farmers’ group, rather than from a retailer or processor. They also believe it’s important that chicken be labelled with its country of origin. And more than 85 per cent feel it is important that the chicken they buy is not imported.

The chicken farmers’ organization is also promoting poultry welfare with this campaign. It notes chicken farmers animal care program is aligned with humane treatment standards and supported by the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies and the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association.

And finally, it says, branding chicken raised in Canada affirms consumer preferences for local food, and showcases Canadian farming practices.

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