Food Freedom Day Is Feb. 6

Food Freedom Day Is Feb. 6

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Most Will Spend Less on Food than on Taxes

Food is vital to everyone. It plays such a huge part in our daily lives. And no matter what you think or believe, we have inexpensive food here in Canada. It may not seem that way when you have to pay at the grocery store register, but we really do. In my business travels to over 30 countries around the world, I have seen food prices much higher and quality much lower, compared to what we have here in Canada. If we are honest with ourselves, we do take the prices and quality of our food for granted.

Canadians will be working for many more months this year to pay off what they owe in taxes. But as of Feb. 6, called Food Freedom Day, we will have made enough money to buy all our food for 2015. This is an amazing thing to appreciate here in Canada, and something we all need to be more thankful for.

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