Counting Nematodes? Proper Sampling And Handling Is Key!

Counting Nematodes? Proper Sampling And Handling Is Key!

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Spring is a good time to sample horticultural fields for plant parasitic nematodes. Nematode counts in the spring are lower than in the fall, but existing nematode thresholds are based on spring sampling.

If you’ve ever sampled for nematodes in soil, you’ve probably (hopefully!) read the guidelines for sampling and handling of samples. But what if things don’t go according to plan and they didn’t get refrigerated right away or the person you gave the sampling job to didn’t quite follow your instructions? Are the samples ruined? What can you get away with and what will result in completely inaccurate results? When you’ve gone to the trouble of sampling and are about to invest in paying a lab for nematode counts, this is something you need to know.

OMAFRA specialists tested some scenarios a few years ago to look at some of the ways nematode samples can go wrong and find out what impact to expect.

To read more visit the OMAFRA Vegetable Website:

Make sure to check out both Part 1  and Part 2

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