Buis Beef

Buis Beef

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Buis Beef is a third generation family farm with a mixed farming operation with vegetable crops (sweet-corn, green beans) and field crops (corn and beans & wheat) as well as a herd of 350 beef cows. They are known as an innovative farm because they are not afraid to try new operational techniques.

In 2003, with the BSE crisis, they switched from a finishing operation to cow calf so they would know the history of all their animals. Every animal can be fully traced with an individual ID tag. From birth to beef, it is raised on their farm.

In 2009, they opened a retail store on the farm to promote their beef and farm with all of its farming practices. Their retail meat is 100% natural. There are no antibiotics, hormones or additives. They hand-pick only the best cattle from their mixed herd for their store to maintain the premium quality beef that can only be found fresh from the farm.

Buis Beef participates in field trials and always share their stories and experiences with bus tours, local college beef classes and many interested rural and urban consumers.

For more information, go to: www.buisbeef.ca

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