Three Ag Businesses Team Up For Weather Information Network

Three Ag Businesses Team Up For Weather Information Network

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From a news release

AGRIS Co-operative Ltd., Wanstead Farmers Co-operative Co. Ltd. and Haggerty Creek Ltd. have launched the AGGrower Daily Dashboard project to address the need for better and more accurate weather information that will enable growers to enhance their ability to identify, respond quickly and efficiently to climactic events, and ultimately better adapt to and manage day-to-day risk.

“This new tool, part of our Advanced Information Systems suite of programs, provides the growing conditions information needed to fine-tune operational and input decision-making ‘by crop, and by individual field’ using the 4R’s throughout the planting, growing and harvesting season”, explains project lead Dale Cowan, senior agronomist for the three participating firms.

The approval of $558,554 through Growing Forward 2 will allow AGRIS Co-operative Ltd., Wanstead Farmers Co-operative Co. Ltd., and Haggerty Creek Ltd. to create a precipitation network within this southwestern Ontario micro-region that will integrate over 500 public and volunteer sources of daily weather data; apply next generation unmanned aerial vehicle surveillance using added multi-spec and thermal imaging capabilities; and offer real-time “Lab in the Field” nitrogen analysis to deliver customized daily alerts specific to individual growers based upon their geographic location.

The AGGrower Daily Dashboard system will combine existing tools that incorporate each grower’s precision agriculture data (crop inputs, field, soil, growth stage and yield mapping) with newly developed weather, nitrogen and growth model surveillance modules to build holistic field-by-field profiles that can be monitored and managed in real-time.

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