Update On The Clubroot Of Brassica Survey

Update On The Clubroot Of Brassica Survey

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From ONvegetables

By: Travis Cranmer, Vegetable Crop Specialist, OMAFRA

We are currently conducting a clubroot survey for Brassica vegetables in Southwestern Ontario. To date we have identified or collected samples within eight counties and are looking to obtain samples from as many different counties as possible this field season.

Clubroot is often first identified in fields when plants wilt during hot days. Pulling the wilted plant and checking for club-like roots is the easiest way to confirm the presence of the pathogen. Wet and hot weather is favourable for clubroot development and can be seen as early as 6 weeks after transplanting/seeding.

Figure 1. Clubroot of Brassica Vegetables survey – 2017/07/03

If you have a field with clubroot or a field where you have seen clubroot in the past, we would greatly appreciate your help in this study. The results of the study will allow us to make better decisions with regards to cultivar resistance as well as limit the spread of the pathogen to other areas of Ontario. If you are from a county where a sample is still required (Fig. 1 – counties in green), please contact Travis Cranmer at travis.cranmer@ontario.ca or (519) 826-4963 and we can find a way to take a field sample. Thank you for your help with this study!

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