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Those requiring access to Class 12 Pesticides Neonicotinoid (NNI) treated corn and soybean seeds) are required to submit an Inspection of Soil Pest Assessment Report to their seed vendor prior to the purchase of the seed.

There is now an online version of the form that can be filled out and sent directly to your vendor at:

Your seed vendor will be advised of your PAR submission, and once accepted, a copy of the form will be sent directly to OMAFRA. This eliminates the need for the vendor to take the additional step of submitting these online forms to OMAFRA by October 31st of each year.

In addition, the online version also makes use of the AgMaps mapping tool to complete and attach the required field sketches done by the producers or Professional Pest Advisor to the online form.

Schedule 1 Begins for Phased-In Professional Pest Advisors (PPA): Fall is a great time to scout for wireworms and grubs. If you require a Pest Assessment Report (PAR) for the purchase of Class 12 Pesticides (NNI treated corn and soybean seed) for next year’s growing season. A PAR is valid for 12 months from the time the assessment was completed.

Anyone certified through the IPM course at can conduct the PAR each year until the year that their farm property lands within one of the schedules.

Schedule 1 begins on August 31, 2017 until August 30, 2018. Those farm properties that are in the counties listed under Schedule 1 will require a PPA to conduct their next Pest Assessment Report (See Table 1, below). This does not mean that a PAR is revoked and a new one is required. However, once the PAR expires after 12 months, the next PAR must be completed by a PPA.

Also beginning on August 31, 2017, the regulation requires that the professional pest advisor be financially independent. This means he/she cannot receive a specific financial incentive (above and beyond their salary or commission) to promote the sale of Class 12 pesticide-treated corn or soybean seed over the sale of non-Class 12 seed.

More information on who qualifies as a Professional Pest Advisor can be found at

Table 1: Professional Pest Advisor Requirement Phase-In – Excerpt from the Integrated Pest Management Course for Corn and Soybeans

For more information on the Class 12 requirements, please refer to the neonicotinoid regulations.

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