Ag Business Update – November 2019

Ag Business Update – November 2019

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This update is designed to provide you with concise, up to date agricultural business information with links to where you can find the details.
This Issue:
BusinessBusiness Strategy / Business Planning
Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS)
AMIS is an inter-agency platform to enhance food market transparency and policy response for food security. It was launched in 2011 by the G20 Ministers of Agriculture following the global food price hikes in 2007/08 and 2010. Bringing together the principal trading countries of agricultural commodities, AMIS assesses global food supplies (focusing on wheat, maize, rice and soybeans) and provides a platform to coordinate policy action in times of market uncertainty.


World Food and Agriculture Statistical Pocketbook 2019
Food and Agriculture Organization
This publication presents selected key indicators related to agriculture and food security that the international community, governments, the private sector and civil society can use to assess current trends and prioritize their actions. It is divided into two sections, one thematic and one country-specific. It presents a variety of dimensions of agriculture and food security along four main focus areas:
  • Setting, including land, labour, capital and inputs.
  • Hunger dimensions, highlighting food availability, access, stability and utilization.
  • Food supply looks at agricultural production, trade and utilization.
  • Environment examines land, water, forestry and emissions.   


FMFinancial Management
Advance Payments Program (APP)
APP is a Government of Canada program which supports the provision of cash advances to producers across Canada.  It allows you to borrow at low rates, repay as you sell and market your product when prices are most advantageous.


humanHuman Resources
Canadian Association of Farm Advisors

Check out CAFA’s regular chapter meetings across Ontario. Attend to improve the quality of your farm advice and build your professional network and resources. Learn more at

PMProduction Management
Precision Agriculture research
The Geography, Environment and Geomatics Department at University of Guelph is conducting research on precision agriculture technologies and how farmers use and relate to these technologies. The research includes a survey detailing farmer use of precision agriculture technology, farmer use of digital agricultural data, and farmers’ understanding of their rights to digital agricultural data.
The target audience for the survey is Canadian crop farmers. The survey should take less than 25 minutes.
Link to the survey:
RMRisk Management
Take Control of Farm Risk! Create your Agrishield®
AgriShield is a risk assessment and management tool designed to keep Canadian agriculture flourishing by providing farmers with the knowledge necessary to spot risks in their operations and implement a plan to address their vulnerabilities. Through a series of questionnaires, farmers will establish risk profiles based on the six key areas of risk: people, production, business environment, finances, markets, and management. These risk profiles are then used to generate detailed and prioritized action plans, creating a roadmap to continued success.
AgriShield is user-friendly “out of the box,” and there’s a minimal learning curve, which means consultants, farmers, farmer groups, policy makers, and educators can easily take advantage of everything AgriShield has to offer right away.

To learn more about AgriShield, visit

Production Insurance options in a shortened growing season
Ontario grain and oilseed farmers who are concerned that their crops may not have enough time to reach maturity have options through Production Insurance. Agricorp customers are currently making important decisions about their crops and knowing their Production Insurance options can help.
  • Yield shortfalls
  • Harvesting options for corn
Roots to Success: Taking a comprehensive approach to managing farm risk
Request for Expressions of Interest
Farm Management Canada is issuing this Request for Expressions of Interest for industry stakeholders interested in contributing to an industry-wide, national project that will make meaningful progress towards improved risk management for the agriculture and agri-food sector by promoting a comprehensive approach to managing risk.
Important Dates
Expressions of Interest received before November 8th, 2019 are preferred.
The project will be completed by December 31, 2022
Further information and clarification should be directed to:
Mathieu Lipari
Program Manager
Farm Management Canada
300-250 av. City Centre Ave.
Ottawa (Ontario) K1R 6K7
Tel 1-888-232-3262 ext. 24

ConfConferences, Workshops and Seminars
OMAFRA Dateline is an online resource for use by interested individuals and organizations across Ontario. Events may be hosted by OMAFRA or other groups. The events posted on this site are aimed at sharing information of interest to agriculture and regional economic development clients. Please check the calendar regularly for upcoming events, workshops, conferences and meetings.
CAP Workshops & Webinars
A variety of excellent workshops and webinars are offered at no cost by OSCIA as part of Canadian Agricultural Partnership to assist Ontario farm businesses in identifying strengths and weaknesses in a variety of areas that influence the farm’s profitability, productivity and sustainability. The workshops and webinars each have a different focus and different goals.


FCC Events
Make the most of your farm business
Practical tools, new perspectives and breakthrough moments – expand your ag knowledge at a free FCC learning event. We bring the best minds in agriculture to communities across Canada to inform, inspire and help you get the most from your business.
Upcoming Agriwebinars
Farm Management Canada
Farm Financials to Help You Sleep at Night – Part One
November 14, 2019, 12:00 PM Eastern Time
Through analyzing aspects of financial performance and using certain tools, like “what-if” scenarios, farmers become more aware of their situation. This gives them the ability to assess the actual resilience of the farm when faced with potential threats, and further, has the benefit of reducing the stress caused by these “unknowns”.
Farm Financials to Help You Sleep at Night – Part Two
December 12, 2019, 1:00 PM Eastern Time
In this presentation, insights into analyzing financial performance, focusing on cost control measures that are designed to improve bottom line results.


Agricultural Excellence Conference (AgEx)
Farm Management Canada
Cultivating Resilience
The theme Cultivating Resilience focuses on building the capacity for you and your farm to weather any storm and seize opportunity.
December 2 – 4 2019
Fredericton, New Brunswick
CAFA’s Farm Transition Update
Thursday, January 23, 2020, Ivey Spencer, London
Farm Transition education day for farm advisors and farm managers.
Watch for details at
CAFA’s Focus on Women in Farming
Thursday, April 23, 2020 Ivey Spencer, London
A day focusing on what women in farming want and need to know.
Watch for details at
CAFA’s Farm Management Update
Thursday, June 4, 2020, Elmhurst Inn, Ingersoll
Leading edge farm business management tools and insight.
Watch for details at
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