• kearney

    Kearney Planters

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    Kearney Planters established in 1979 by Barry Kearney’s own quest to modify his corn planter Kearney Planters is a name that farmers have grown to trust planting through harvest. Growing and adapting through the past 36 years the business has now expanded into two working shops and a new...

  • Degoeys

    DeGoeys Nursery And Flowers

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    In 1976, the DeGoey family were fresh market field growers. John and Jane DeGoey believed that growing flowers was a niche they could build, and in 1980 they built their first greenhouse for flowers. Today the whole family is involved in the thriving business. Building slowly through the years, the...

  • GEO

    Geo Produce

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    Starting as a 1-acre greenhouse back in 1990, the Knoteck family has grown Geo Produce to a 12+ acre, high-tech greenhouse operation. Operated by skilled professionals, Geo Produce grows 7 acres of red, yellow and orange bell peppers as well as 4.5 acres of TOV greenhouse product, such as...

  • Buis

    Buis Beef

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    Buis Beef is a third generation family farm with a mixed farming operation with vegetable crops (sweet-corn, green beans) and field crops (corn and beans & wheat) as well as a herd of 350 beef cows. They are known as an innovative farm because they are not afraid to try new operational...

  • Jennen

    Jennen Family Farm Market

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    The Jennen’s have been in Wabash for over 20 years. Their family farm has grown every year, with recent expansion to 12 acres of High Tunnels and into long-season berry production. The High Tunnels allow for a longer and more sustainable growing season by moderating temperature, wind and...

  • Riverbell

    River Bell Market Garden

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    River Bell Market Garden has been farming organically since 19990 and has been certified organic for fruits and vegetables since 2003. Their unique “organic vegetable box” program delivers a crate of fresh organic vegetables to your house or a local drop-off area throughout the year. River Bell...

  • Syrup

    Giffin’s Maple Syrup Products

    May 7 | 2399 Views | No Comments

    Giffin’s Maple Syrup Products is a family operation owned Don and Jean Giffin.  They began their maple syrup operation in 1980 and have 2800 taps in their 50-acre maple bush. Always open to innovation, in 2015 Giffins started utilizing reverse osmosis for production, which removes 75% of water...

  • Pickles

    The Pickle Station

    May 7 | 1258 Views | No Comments

    In 1964, Norm VanRoboys sold a load of cucumbers to Walter Bick, founder of Bick’s Pickles. That same year, VanRoboys contracted 2 million pounds of cucumbers to Chatham-Kent farmers, which was the beginning of VanRoboys “Pickle Station”. Today, the third generation of VanRoboys manages the...

  • McGrail

    McGrail Farm Equipment

    May 7 | 1678 Views | No Comments

    McGrail Farm Equipment has been a successful Southwestern Ontario John Deere dealer for 50 years. John Deere is continually developing new products to improve agriculture production. McGrail Farm Equipment is committed to enhancing the capabilities of the products they sell by keeping all employees...

  • Devolder

    Devolder Farms

    Mar 27 | 1411 Views | No Comments

    Recognizing the needs of other farmers in the area, Bob and Diane Devolder established Devolder Farms Seeds in 1988. Today, Devolder Farms is a family-owned and operated business with an active presence within the farming Chatham-Kent community. In 1974, Bob Devolder acquired and has maintained his...

  • Early Acres

    Early Acres Estate Winery

    Mar 27 | 1363 Views | No Comments

    Wine production is truly a family experience for Mike and Sue Korpan. Their Early Acres Estate Winery is set on 7.5 acres of sandy loam soil, which is perfectly suited to the success of their grapes. The warm summers and cool falls of Chatham-Kent provide the perfect combination of flavour and body...

  • CKAD - Sunshine

    Sunshine Farms

    Dec 15 | 1225 Views | No Comments

    Sunshine Farms, founded by John and Claudia Jaques,  began growing  and pickling asparagus in 1982. Once their friends and family tasted the fresh, crisp product, the demand grew. Today, Sunshine Farms, also run by sons Josh, Ben and Adrian, offer fresh asparagus as well as 23 types of pickles,...

  • Agmagiss7

    The Ag Mag

    Nov 7 | 2038 Views | No Comments

    Here is the latest copy of the AgMag.  Enjoy! AgMag_WEB  ...

  • Uhers

    Uher’s Performance Feeds

    Sep 30 | 1653 Views | No Comments

    Uher’s Performance Feeds not only provides feed for livestock and pet food for small animals, they provide solutions to your feed challenges.  From wine, cattle and equine feed to sheep, poultry, game bird, pet feed and wild birdseed, customers can find all of this and more in-store at Uher’s...

  • Lloyd Bag Company

    Lloyd Bag Company

    Sep 19 | 1573 Views | No Comments

    Since 1939, the Lloyd Bag Company has been manufacturing and distributing bags throughout North America.  Today they manufacture and import woven fabric bags including jute, burlap, leno mesh, woven polypropylene, cotton, canvas, paper, bulk bags, BOPP bags and tote bags. With a variety of...

  • Crazy8

    Crazy Eight Barn

    Sep 2 | 1574 Views | No Comments

    Expanding Chatham-Kent’s agri-tourism market is the popular Crazy Eight Barn. The 8-sided barn was originally built for stabling animals, but was left empty for years until Susanne Spence-Wilkins saw it and made plans of her own. She carefully disassembled the building and moved it to Palmyra, on...

  • Dover Corn

    Dover Corn Products

    Aug 19 | 1604 Views | No Comments

    Dover Corn Products Ltd., a 100% Canadian, family owned and operated facility, is quickly becoming an industry leader in the dry corn milling market. They are proud to bring one of Canada’s oldest and most stable industries back to Ontario. Dover Corn Products is the only dry corn mill in...

  • Thompsons

    Thompsons Limited

    Aug 5 | 1364 Views | No Comments

    Since 1924, Thompsons principal business has involved the distribution of corn, soybeans, wheat, and dry beans as well as providing farmers with the necessary inputs to produce and grow successful crops. Thompsons Limited provides high quality agricultural supplies and services, including seed,...

  • LAC

    London Agricultural Commodities

    Feb 14 | 1760 Views | No Comments

    London Agricultural Commodities (LAC) is privately held enterprise that operates two facilities in Chatham-Kent, has several marketing arrangements with independently owned elevators throughout Ontario.  Through our London office, LAC markets a variety of grains around the world. In Tupperville,...

  • meat

    Roesch Meats And More

    Feb 7 | 1680 Views | No Comments

    Roesch Meats and more has been serving the highest quality, freshest meats available since 1995. Their pork is fed and raised on-site, with no medication in the feed or water. They also offer Ontario beef and chicken, and all is sold through their on-site retail operation.  Lamb is available...

  • Harvest

    Harvest-Pac Products Inc.

    Jan 17 | 1674 Views | No Comments

    With the belief that if you begin with a superior raw product, you will produce a superior finished product, Harvest-Pac Products has been processing locally-grown vegetables and fruit since the early 1990s. Prior to entering into the processing side of the business, three generations of the...

  • Apples

    Delhaven Orchards

    Jan 7 | 1350 Views | No Comments

    Delhaven Orchards Ltd. is a family farm owned and operated by Marilyn and Hector Delanghe. Over 400 acres are farmed and crops grown include apples (16 varieties), peaches (12 varieties), sweet cherries (6 varieties), pears (3 varieties), apricots (4 varieties), nectarines (3 varieties),...

  • CKAD - Feature Template

    Truly Green Farms

    Dec 23 | 1388 Views | No Comments

    Recognized as the first of its kind in North America, Truly Green Farms, operated by the Devries family, is 22.5 acres of greenhouse that produces up to 21 million kilograms of tomatoes annually. In partnership with GreenField Ethanol, the green house utilizes the ethanol plant’s waste heat and...

  • Pride

    Pride Seeds

    Dec 17 | 912 Views | No Comments

    The goal of Pride Seeds is to create a unique product experience that results in higher profits for corn, soybean and forage crop growers. Pride strives to increase profitability for growers by delivering superior seed. Pride Seeds is part of AgReliant Genetics, which has one of the largest...

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From a news release Marking World Soil Day on Dec. 5, the University of Guelph announced a $500,000 donation for soil health outreach in Ontario. The joint donation was...

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Jan 19 | 15 Views | No Comments

Buying Chatham-Kent Food In The Winter

Most of us realize the importance of buying quality food products for our family, as well as the importance of supporting our local producers. One of the questions I...


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  • 2018-Edible-Bean-Seasonal-Summaryf3-768x688


    Jan 18 | Tek Talk | | Comments Off on EDIBLE BEAN SEASONAL SUMMARY 2018

    By the OMAFRA Field Crop Team Planting and Development The dry edible bean season started out positively with good planting conditions at the end of May and beginning of June. There was...


    Jan 12 | Tek Talk | | Comments Off on CANOLA SEASONAL SUMMARY

    By Meghan Moran, OMAFRA Canola and Edible Bean Specialist In 2018 there was an increase in spring canola acreage in Ontario compared to the previous two years. Insured acres totaled...

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    Jan 6 | Tek Talk | | Comments Off on ONTARIO FORAGE REVIEW 2018

    From the OMAFRA Field Crops Team Fall and Winter Conditions Rain delays in 2017 pushed harvest in some areas into the critical fall harvest period. Root reserves that contribute to winter...

  • 140398


    Dec 23 | Tek Talk | | Comments Off on DESTROYING A CORN CROP AT HARVEST TIME

    From Field Crop News By the OMAFRA Field Crop Team While growers are encouraged to find all avenues possible to clean or market their corn, with elevated ear moulds in the 2018 Ontario corn...

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