A Taste Of Chatham-Kent

A Taste Of Chatham-Kent

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Excerpt from “A Taste of Chatham-Kent” – Mardi Michels

Our weekend in Chatham-Kent left us so impressed with the quality of products available in an area not typically known as a food-lover’s destination. But more than that, we were struck by the passion of the farmers and producers. We were struck by their modesty (on more than one occasion, we were asked why we wanted to visit the farm or why we wanted to chat with the producer) – many of the folks seem unaware that they are part and parcel of a burgeoning industry – culinary travel.  Chatham-Kent feels like Stratford, Ontario or Prince Edward Country, Ontario must have felt 10-15 years ago before they really became known as food destinations.  When you visit, you feel like the area is on the cusp of something very special. I truly hope the local farmers, producers and tourism folks can harness this potential because I think Chatham-Kent has a lot to offer the culinary tourist.  With folks like Paul Spence, the team behind CK Table and the passion of the local farmers and producers, I have no doubt that one day I will visit Chatham-Kent and say “I told you!”

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Did you know?

Chatham-Kent Is The NUMBER ONE Producer Of Pumpkins In All Of Canada.

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