About Chatham-Kent Agriculture Development

Chatham-Kent Agri Development (CKAD)


CKAD will create a climate to enhance Chatham-Kent as a world leading agricultural community.


CKAD will be the catalyst for a vibrant agricultural sector by exploring and facilitating sustainable business opportunities for Chatham-Kent.


The goals of CKAD are, in order of priority:

  • To assess, identify, and facilitate a development strategy for agricultural related opportunities which lead to agriculture prosperity within Chatham-Kent
  • To identify and promote the availability of funding/investment opportunities for agricultural projects which demonstrate potential future economic benefit within Chatham-Kent
  • To support agricultural education and research programs which lead to economic benefit within Chatham-Kent


CKAD shall be comprised of 12-15 members consisting of individual members of Chatham-Kent.

CKAD will be supported in an administrative manner by the Agriculture Specialist from the Economic Development Services of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent and the Ridgetown Campus Ag-Business Centre Project Manager, both serving as ex-officio members.

The 12-15 positions from the public will be comprised of individual members of Chatham-Kent representing various agricultural sectors.

In addition, a ‘Mentorship Committee’ will also be formed.  The purpose of this committee will be to provide assistance through dialogue on specific matters as they may arise.  This committee will be appointed by CKAD Executive on an ‘as needed’ basis.  Some examples of committee members may be members of local agriculture groups, past committee members, etc.

Recruitment Process:

CKAD members will be recruited by: sector representation and/or advertising for volunteers and/or direct solicitation.

If a CKAD member resigns, that member, along with the current CKAD Executive, will form the Recruitment Committee.

Term of Appointment:

The 12-15 CKAD members will be appointed with no specific length of term except with the following conditions:

  • After a member has cycled through the executive as Chair, Vice-Chair and Past Chair, their position will terminate
  • If a member has not maintained at least 50% annual attendance, their position will terminate
  • At least one time per year, the Chair will perform a ‘roll call’ with a verbal or written indication from each member of their intentions

Executive Appointments:

The CKAD Board shall appoint the following executive positions including a Chair, Vice-Chair, and Past Chair (when applicable). These appointments will be for a minimum of one year and a maximum of two years.   It is acknowledged there are no per diems for any CKAD positions and it is acknowledged that none of the above positions shall be paid for their services.

Frequency of Meetings:

CKAD meetings shall generally be scheduled on a monthly basis or at any other time at the call of the Chair, but not less than eight times per year.


CKAD resources will be sought by fundraising at local sources, including corporate sponsorship, and leveraging these funds through local, provincial, and federal resources.

Updated May 2014

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Did you know?

Chatham-Kent Is The NUMBER ONE Producer Of Quail In All Of Ontario.

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