Agri Business Directory

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Agricultural Weather

Weather INNovations Inc. 7159 Queen’s Line, Chatham N7L 1J1 519-352-5334 Ian Nichols Weather based agricultural consuting service


Crazy Eight Barn 14226 Talbot Trail, Palmyra N0L 1H0 519-674-2888 Susanne Spence-Wilkins Garden inspiration garden/workshops/seminars
Experience Casa Latina 11945 Selton Line, Kent Bridge N0P 1V0 519-365-9791 Paul Spence  Latino meat experience
The Thamesville Maize and Pumpkin Patch 12768 Longwoods Road, Thamesville N0P 2K0 519-692-5451 Ingrid Dieleman  Corn Maze and pumpkin patch

Bag Companies

Lloyd Bag Co. 114 St. Clair Street, Chatham N7M 5K3 519-352-9300 Mark Allott  Bag manufacturer for fruits, vegetables, grain, meat


Da Silva & Sons Bakery 561 Park Ave, W., Chatham N7M 1X1 519-358-1770  Breads; bakery products
Maple City Bakery Ltd. 361 Grand Ave, W., Chatham N7L 1C4 519-352-6280 Joe Fanelli  Breads; bakery products
The Dutch Market Ltd. 6 Indian Creek Rd. E., Chatham N7M 4H1 519-352-2831 Lissa Van Rijn  Breads; bakery products


Bayside Brewing Co. 970 Ross Lane, Erieau N0P 1N0 519-676-1888 Nancy Cowan  Local beer
Early Acres Estate Winery 9494 Pioneer Line, Chatham N7M 5J1 519-354-9070 Mike Korpan  Local wines

Crop Inputs and Grain Receiving

ADM Agri-Industries Co. 300 Industrial Avenue, Blenheim N0P 1A0  519-676-8989 Peter Knights Crop inputs; grain handling and marketing
AGRIS Co-operative Ltd. 835 Park Avenue West, Chatham N7M 5J6  519-354-7178 Jim Campbell Crop inputs; grain handling and marketing
Cargill Ag Horizons Canada 23404 Wheatley Road, Tilbury N0P 2L0  519-682-1481 Ted Dietrich  Crop inputs; grain handling and marketing
Great Lakes Grain 835 Park Avenue West, Chatham N7M 5J6  519-352-8220 Alex Elliott  Grain handling and marketing
London Agricultural Commodities Inc. 6 Centre Side Road, Tupperville N0P 2M0  519-692-3930 Bob Spencer  Crop inputs; grain handling and marketing
Michigan Sugar Company 8108 Greenvalley Line, Dover Centre N0P 1L0  519-351-5577 Wayne Martin  Sugar beet piling, cleaning, and storage
Southwest Ag Partners Inc. 40 Centre Street, Chatham N7M 5W3  519-380-0002 Paul Hazzard  Crop inputs; grain handling and marketing
Thamesville Grain & Feed Ltd. 5 Victoria Street, Thamesville N0P 2K0  519-692-3802 Fred Galbraith  Crop inputs; grain handling and marketing
Thompsons Limited 2 Hyland Drive, Blenheim N0P 1A0  519-676-5411 Dawn Betancourt  Crop inputs; grain handling and marketing

Education & Research

University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus 120 Main Street East, Rigetown N0P 2C0  519-674-1500 Ken McEwan  Agricultural college; research programs

Farm Drainage

Clarke Drainage  342 Chatham Street South, Blenheim  N0P 1A0  519-676-7226 Daryl Clarke  Farm drainage service
Gillier Drainage  10622 Blind 4th Line, Kent Bridge  N0P 1V0  519-436-6134  Tim Gillier  Farm drainage service
Goodreau Excavating Ltd.  145 Queen Street North, Tilbury  N0P 2L0  519-682-2535  Janice Goodreau  Farm drainage service
Marchand Farm Drainage  10211 Base Line, Dresden  N0P 1M0  519-683-6345  Neil Marchand  Farm drainage service
Phillips Farm Drainage  454 Irish School Road, Dresden  N0P 1M0  519-683-6742  Randy Phillips  Farm drainage service

Farm Equipment 

BDM Millwrights Inc. 148 Cathcart Street N0P 1A0 519-676-9593 Jim Waters  Farm equipment sales and service
C.L. Benninger Equipment Ltd.  1025 Richmond Street, Chatham  N7M 5K6  519-352-8070  Gerry Spriel  Farm equipment sales and service
Can-Am Tractor Ltd.  9831 Longwoods Road, Chatham  N7M 5J1  519-351-4300  Dan Kucera  Farm equipment sales and service
Devolder Farms Inc.  26439 Kennedy Road, Dover Centre  N0P 1L0  519-352-8799  Bob Devolder  Grain storage sales and installation
Barnes Farm Equipment Inc.  23144 Dillon Road, Chatham  N7M 5J5  519-352-3961  Willard Barnes  Farm equipment parts and service
Dorssers Inc.  29 Industrial Avenue, Blenheim  N0P 1A0  519-676-8113  Peter Timmermans  Grain and feed handling equipment; grain dryers
Furlan Bros Sales & Rentals Inc.  10858 Longwoods Road, Chatham  N7M 5J1  519-352-4581  Perry Furlan  Farm equipment sales and service
Houston Farm Equipment Ltd.  24 Lemuel Street, Thamesville  N0P 2K0  519-692-3853  Dale Houston  Farm equipment sales and service
Kearney Planters  14232 Turin Line, Thamesville  N0P 2K0  519-678-3206 Colleen Kearney-Janssens  Custom built planters/new and used planters
Kent Farm Supplies Ltd.  9224 Allison Line, R.R. # 5 , Blenheim  N0P 1A0  519-676-5429  Peter LeGros  Farm equipment sales and service
Lambton Conveyer Ltd.  102 Arnold Street, Wallaceburg  N8A 3P4  519-627-8228  Chris Moorhouse  Grain handling equipment/grain bins and dryers
Lambton Kent Farm Implements Ltd.  8615 Corktown Road, Tupperville  N0P 2M0  519-627-3434  Scott Crowe  Agricultural machinery parts and hardware
McGrail Farm Equipment Limited  23550 Prine Albert Road, Chatham  N7M 5J7  519-352-9480  Paul McGrail  Farm equipment sales and service
Phair Systems Ltd.  3532 Lambton Line, Dresden  N0P 1M0  519-683-6364  Bill Phair  Grain handling equipment
Profota’s Farm Equipment Ltd.  24768 Centre Sideroad, Chatham  N7M 5J2  519-354-5100  William Profota  Farm equipment sales and service
RJ Equipment  75 Industrial Avenue, Blenheim  N0P 1A0  519-676-4110  Roy Pickering  Farm equipment sales and service
Webster Farm Supply  13508 Longwoods Road, Thamesville  N0P 2K0  519-692-3899  Gary Webster  Farm supplies

Farm Tractor Tire Service

A1 Expert Tire 21006 Charing Cross Road, Charing Cross  N0P 1G0  519-351-1441  Jim Van Dyk  Farm tire service and repairs
Cottingham Tire & Auto Service Inc. 13 Mill Street W, Tilbury  N0P 2L0  519-682-0461  Chris Cottingham  Farm tire service and repairs

Feed Companies

Bowman Feeds 117 Talbot Street East, Wheatley N0P 2P0 519-825-4122 Jeff Bowman  Feed and farm related supplies
McBrayne Feed & Supply Ltd. 1203 North Street, Dresden N0P 1M0 519-683-4439 Allen McBrayne  Feed and farm related supplies
Ridgetown Feed & Supply Ltd. 33 West Street, Ridgetown N0P 2C0 519-674-0737 Rick Wymenga  Feed and farm related supplies
Uher’s Performance Feeds Ltd. 20970 Harwich Road, Blenheim N0P 1A0 519-676-2583 Steve Uher  Feed and farm related supplies

Financial Services

BMO – Bank of Montreal  770 James Street, Wallaceburg  N8A 2P5  519-627-1685  Sean Dobbelaar  Agricultural financial services
Farm Credit Canada (FCC)  200-405 Riverview Line, Chatham  N7M 0N3  519-380-8810  Kyle Maw  Agricultural financial services
Libro Financial Group  11 Talbot Steet W., Blenheim  N0P 1A0  519-676-8104  John DeBruyn  Agricultural financial services
Scotiabank  213 King Street West, Chatham  N7M 5K6  519-354-5560  Jay Cunningham  Agricultural financial services


Franklin Fisheries  859 Talbot Road East, Wheatley  N0P 2P0  519-825-7384  Commercial fishing supplier
Great Lakes Food Company 135 Bothwell Street, Chatham  N7M 5K5  519-965-0701  John Neate  Fish and vegetable freezing
John O’ Foods Inc  827 Drovers Road, Wheatley  N0P 2P0  519-825-4673  John Omstead  Fish
Liddle Brothers Fishery Limited  20947 erie Street South, Wheatley  N0P 2P0  519-825-4270  Jack Liddle  Commercial fishing
Loop Fisheries Ltd.  21120 Erie Street South, Wheatley  N0P 2P0  519-825-7223  Todd Loop  Commercial fishing
Presteve Foods Ltd.  20954 Erie Street South, Wheatley  N0P 2P0  519-825-4677  Ulysses Pratas  Commercial fishing
Saco Fisheries Ltd.  21116 Eris Street South, Wheatley  N0P 2P0  519-825-7467  Adriano Codinna  Commercial fishing

Food Safety

Korpan and Associates 9560 Pioneer Line, Chatham N7M 5J7 519-358-3251 Joe Korpan Food Safety

 Boley Farms  6604 Riverview Line, Chatham  N7M 5T1  519-351-6786  Dan Boley  Berry fruits; fruit
 Bill’s Fruit Markets  930 Richmond Street, Chatham  N7M 5J5  519-351-4645  Gino Ingratta  Wholesale Produce
 Delhaven Orchards Ltd.  8182 Talbot Trail, Blenheim  N0P 1A0  519-676-4475  Hector Delanghe  Apples; peaches; fruit
 Dover Hill Strawberries  25824 St. Clair Road, Chatham  N0P 1L0  519-355-0990  Theresa Van Damme  Strawberries and Aparagus
 Greatview Orchards & Farm Market  8677 Talbot Trail, Blenheim  N0P 1A0  519-676-5493  Mike Bokor  Fruit and vegetables
 Horst Produce  13288 Magnaville Line, Thamesville  N0P 2K0  519-692-3415  Robert Horst  Fruit
 Jennen Family Farm Market  11775 Baseline Road, Thamesville  N0P 2K0  519-692-5971  Ellen Jennen  Berry farm – strawberries, raspberries, blackberries; tomates
 Manitree Fruit Farms  8445 Talbot Trail, R.R. # 1, Blenheim  N0P 1A0  519-676-5428  Rusty Smith  Fruits and vegetables
 McGuigan Orchards  19333 Charing Cross Rd., Cedar Springs  N0P 1E0  519-676-5254  Fruit
 Pardo’s Berri Farm  7951 Talbot Trail, Blenheim  N0P 1A0  519-676-2008  Russell Pardo  Fruit crops
 Park’s Blueberries  14815 Longwoods Road, Bothwell  N0P 1C0  519-692-5373  Bruce Parks  Blueberries; rapsberries
 Tanmic Orchards  10289 Front Line, Blenheim  N0P 1A0  519-676-3282  Michael Smith  Fruits and vegetables
 Thompson’s Orchards  19863 Charing Cross Road, Blenheim  N0P 1A0  519-676-8464  Don Thompson  Apples
 VanKoeverden Farms  13283 Magnaville Line, Thamesville  N0P 2K0  519-692-3629  Lek Van Koeverden  Apples; fruit

Fruit/Vegetable Processing

 Best Choice Food Company  75 Borrowman Drive, Chatham  N7M 5W8  519-380-0142  Andrew Evans  Fresh cut vegetables
 Bolthouse Foods  303 Milo Road, Wheatley  N0P 2P0  519-825-3412 Melissa Maceyovski  Carrot processing
 Cavendish Appetizers 303 Milo Road, Wheatley N0P 2P0 519-825-9555 Ivan Rodriguez  Food appetizers
 ConAgra Foods  759 Wellington Street, Dresden  N0P 1M0  519-683-4422  Don Roberts  Canned tomato products
 Golden Acres Peach Co.  18895 Fargo Road, Blenheim  N0P 1A0  519-676-4245  Ken DeBrouwer  Canned peaches
 Harvest-Pac Products Inc.  255 National Road, Chatham  N7M 5J5  519-436-0446  Dan O’Neil  Canned tomato & pumpkin products
 Helen’s Country Harvest  9119 Gagner Line, Chatham  N7M 5J6  519-436-0729  Helen Gagner  Canned vegetables/jams/salsa
 Milo-FAIS  303 Milo Road, Wheatley  N0P 2P0  519-825-4611 Fritz Schmitt  Food processing; cold storage
 Mrs. D’s  10910 Northwood Line, Kent Bridge  N0P 1V0  519-365-6098  Amy Dodman  Homemade small batch canned goods
 Nature’s Finest Produce  6874 Pain Court Line, Pain Court  N0P 1Z0  519-380-9520  Jason Stallaert  Carrots; vegetables
 Park’s Blueberries  14815 Longwoods Road, Bothwell  N0P 1C0  519-692-5373  Bruce Parks  Preserves of blueberries, raspberries; baked goods
 Pier C Produce Inc.  24230 Winterline Road, Pain Court  N0P 1Z0  519-397-4274  Francisca Fournier  Carrot processing
 Sunshine Pickles  30043 Jane Road, Thamesville  N0P 2K0  519-692-5590  John Jaques  Aparagus; cucumbers; vegetables
 The Pickle Station 23955 Price Albert Road, Chatham N7M 5J1 519-352-0686 Jeff VanRoboys  Cucumber and pepper processing
 Weil’s Food Processing Ltd. 483 Erie Street North, Wheatley  N0P 2P0  519-825-4572  Rob Weil  Canned potato and tomato products

Garlic Production

Glasier Garlic R.R. # 1 Tilbury  N0P 2L0  519-682-1930  Greg Glasier  Garlic production
JennaLee Garlic and Vegetable Farms 24226 Fuller Road, Thamesville  N0P 2K0  519-351-3520  Jenny Allossery  Garlic and vegetable production

Greenhouse Products

Stratus Hydroponics International Inc. P.O. Box 145, Chatham  N7M 5K3  519-360-0182  Dave Pelgrims  Hydroponic root zone management system

Greenhouse Vegetable Growers

 Cedarline Greenhouse  11080 Baseline Road, Dresden  N0P 1M0  519-683-1980  Greg Devries  Pepper greenhouse
 Demaiter Greenhouses  13972 Zone Centre Line, Thamesville  N0P 2K0  519-692-5267  Jeremy Demaiter  Plug plant vegetable transplants
 Geo Produce  9518 Maynard Line, Chatham  N7M 5J3  519-436-0913  Chris Knotek  Pepper greenhouse
 Greenhill Produce  23532 Huff Side Road, Thamesville  N0P 2K0  519-692-3477  Rob Geertsema  Pepper greenhouse
 Labradel Plants Inc.  7841 Maple Line, Pain Court  N0P 1Z0  519-351-6633  Joel Laprise  Vegetable transplants
 Mambo Produce  8383 Dover Centre Line, Dover Centre  N0P 1L0  519-351-7053  Tamara Stokes  Pepper greenhouse
 Oasis Greenhouses  R.R. # 8, Chatham  N7M 5J8  519-355-0191  Richard Laprise  Greenhouse vegetable plugs
 Peppertree Greenhouses Ltd.  29025 Connection Road, Tupperville  N0P 2M0  519-683-6080  Garrett Luth  Pepper greenhouse
 Platinum Produce Company  21037 Communication Rd., Blenheim  N0P 1A0  519-676-1772  Gerard Verbeek  Pepper greenhouse
 Sun Master Produce  6640 Rivard Line, Grande Pointe  N0P 1S0  519-351-6665  Art Caron  Pepper greenhouse
 Truly Green Farms  162 Bloomfield Road, Chatham  N7M 5K2  519-352-5844  Natasha Kramer  Tomato greenhouse

Honey/Herbs/Maple Syrup

 BLB Honey & Beekeeping Supplies  102 Metcalfe Avenue, Dresden  N0P 1M0 519-683-4363  Tyler & Bria Atkins  Honey
 Camden Meadows  29992 Dawn Mills Road, Dresden  N0P 1M0  519-683-2033  George Maynard  Honey and Beekeeping supplies
 Earl & Bill Elgie  11188 Grove Mills Line, Dresden  N0P 1M0  519-683-4659  Bill Elgie  Maple syrup
 Giffins Maple Syrup Products  18862 Communication Rd.S., Blenheim  N0P 1A0  519-676-3448  Jean Giffin  Maple syrup products
 Great Lakes Lavender Farm  9560 Pioneer Line, Chatham  N7M 5J1  519-397-2172  Matt Korpan  Lavender products
 Me and My Honey  10246 Welch Line, Blenheim  N0P 1A0  519-676-9499  Mike & Denise Dodman  Honey
 Mike Dodok Apiaries  108 London Drive, Chatham  N7L 5J1  519-351-8338  Mike Dodok  Honey
 Shiloh Homestead  19629 Duart Road, Murikirk  N0L 1X0  519-678-3747  Henriet Biel  Honey
 Stanley and Clara Wortner  29944 Zone Road 7, Bothwell  N0P 1C0  519-695-3619  Stanley Wortner  Maple syrup


 Buis Beef  7186 Ninth Line, Chatham  N7M 5J6  519-436-0701  Mike Buis  Beef
 Cheryl’s Farm Market  24939 Centre Side Road, Dresden  N0P 1M0  519-354-4137  Cheryl Forsyth  Goats; lambs
 Dresden Meat Packers  10210 McCreary Line, Dresden  N0P 1M0  519-683-2585  Alan Babcock  Custom butchering, cutting and wrapping. Beef, pork, chicken. Home made smoked sausages
 Gelro Farms  12917 Green Line, Ridgetown  N0P 2C0  519-674-5565  Rock Geluk  Pork
 Highgate Tender Meats  14680 Hastings Line, Highgate  N0P 1T0  519-678-3383  Joel Chalcraft  Beef, pork, poultry, rabbit, wild game, lamb, goat
 Kent Lamb  19985 Kenesserie Road, Ridgetown  N0P 2C0  519-350-4160  Gerben Kuizenga  Lamb
 Lo Maximo Meats  11945 Selton Line, Kent Bridge  N0P 1V0  519-365-9791  Paul Spence  Latino meat experience
 Mad Swiss Farms  13340 Green Line Road, Ridgetown  N0P 2C0  519-437-0258  Cynthia Zubler  Pasture fed livestock; heritage breeds of chicken, turkey, beef and pork
 Nature’s Flock Farms  127 Manning Drive, Chatham  N7M 4A0  519-917-5365  Denver Nicklas  Lamb
 Nipissing Game Farm Inc.  19914 Duart Road, Muirkirk  N0L 1X0  519-678-3481  Cheryl Ryckman  Quail
 Roesch Meats and More  10910 Northwood Line, Kent Bridge  N0P 1V0  519-351-7711  Louis Roesch  Pork; beef; eggs
 Schinkel Legacy  19 McGregor Place, Chatham  N7M 5J4  519-351-0818  Tim Schinkel  Sausage; meat
 Uher’s Performance Feeds Ltd.  20970 Harwich Road, Blenheim  N0P 1A0  519-676-2391  Steve Uher  Pork; lamb
 Zion Farms  21389 Zion Road, Wheatley  N0P 2P0  519-825-7671  William Taves  Beef; pork
 Zubler Farms  20020 Kenesserie Road, Ridgetown  N0P 2C0  519-674-3295  Rudy Zubler  Veal
 Clear Creek Farms  Muirkirk  519-784-6651  Chris Knight  Certified Organic beef


 All Season Nursery & Flowers  254 Margaret Avenue, Wallaceburg  N8A 2A1  519-627-6086  Julie VanDamme  Garden Centre; Landscaping; Flower Shop
 Al’s Lawn & Garden Inc.  359 Grand Avenue East, Chatham  N7L 1W9  519-352-4955  Alan Pinsonneault  Landscaping; Irrigation systems; Groundskeeping
 Carther Plants and Produce  30627 Jane Street, Thamesville  N0P 2K0  519-695-5452  Sandra Carther  Greenhouse vegetable plug plants
 Crowell’s Greenhouses  15343 Longwoods Road, Bothwell  N0P 1C0  519-695-3605  John Crowell  Annuals and Perennials
 Degoey’s Nursery  665 St. Clair Street, Chatham  N7L 4G8  519-358-1755  John Degoey  Flowers and Shrubs
 Earthworks Inc.  9710 Longwoods Road, Chatham  N7M 5J1  519-352-7171  Eric Hystek  Nursery/Landscaping
 Heritage Gardens and Nursery Station Inc.  9594 McNaughton Line East, Chatham  N7M 5J1  519-352-5551  Charkie VanKesteren  Garden Centre; Landscaping; Giftware
 IVCO Tree Farms Nursery and Garden Centre  3774 Middle Line, Tilbury  N0P 2L0  519-682-0801  Ian Cook  Nursery and Garden Centre
 J & A Market & Greenhouses  8773 Talbot Trail, Blenheim  N0P 1A0  519-676-4453  John Vercouteren  Fruits and vegetables/Bedding plants
 Jones Grown Nursery  11757 River Line, Thamesville  N0P 2K0  519-692-4730  John Jones  Tree propogation and tree nursery
 Kentwood Gardens  29220 Uncle Tom’s Road, Dresden  N0P 1M0  519-683-4956  Evelyn Poppe  Flowers, shrubs, nursery stock
 Maytime Sod Farms  10572 Brook Line, Dresden  N0P 1M0  519-683-6414  Ernie Jenkins  Sodding and seeding grass
 Perennial Haven Nursery & Gardens  14851 Cleeves Line, Muirkirk  N0L 1X0  519-678-3240  Elly deNijs  Plant nursery
 Rural Roots Landscape and Design  R.R. # 2, Chatham  N7M 5J2  519-436-7020  Mark Moir  Landscaping and design
 Sherry’s Perennial Gardens  8328 Talbot Trial, Cedar Springs  N0P 1E0  519-676-4541  Sherry Godfrey  Perennials, plants
 Sloans’ Nursery & Christmas Trees  30718 Zone Road 8, Bothwell  N0P 1C0  519-695-3525  Bill Sloan  Nursery, Christmas trees
 S-W Gardens  22507 Kenesserie Road, Thamesvillle  N0P 2K0  519-692-5580  Sandra-Pat Willis  Lily farm
 The FlowerBed Greenhouses  22653 Kent Bridge Road, Kent Bridge  N0P 1V0  519-352-3439  Ron Fysh  Garden centre
 The Glasshouse Nursery and Garden Centre  56 Creek Road, Chatham  N7M 5J3  519-352-1127  Dave Van Raay  Garden centre; landscaping contractor
 The McGuigan Plant Co.  9110 Talbot Trail, Blenheim  N0P 1A0  519-676-5310  Adrianna McGuigan  Garden centre
 Wheatley Woods Native Plant Nursery  2448 Essex Road 14, Wheatley  N0P 2P0  519-825-4217  Craig Willett  Native plants; nursery; landscape design

Organic Suppliers

 Braden’s Birds  Ridgetown  519-365-7946  Braden Welch  Organic raised chickens
 Chatham-Kent Organic Epi-Centre Inc.  943 Wellington Street, Dresden  N0P 1M0  519-683-1666  Larry Richards  Organic fertilizers and mixtures
 Clear Creek Farms  Muirkirk  519-784-6651  Chris Knight  Certified Organic beef
 Gelro Farms  12917 Green Line, Ridgetown  N0P 2C0  519-674-5565  Rock Geluk  Organic pork
 Paul and Patti Watson Farms  9111 Corktown Line, R.R. # 3, Tupperville  N0P 2M0  519-627-0566  Paul Watson  Organic sweet potatoes
 Terre Trembley Farm  R.R. # 3, Tilbury  N0P 2L0  519-682-3649  Mike Trembley  Certified organic farm supplying crops and meat
 Wolfe Creek Organic Farms Ltd.  309 Indian Creed Road W, Chatham  N7M 5J6  519-352-5567  Bob Kerr  Organic asparagus and tomatoes
 Zubler Farms  20020 Kenesserie Road, Ridgetown  N0P 2C0  519-674-3295  Rudy Zubler  Organic milk
 River Bell Market Garden  559 Sydenham Street, Dresden  N0P 1M0  519-683-2052  Joe Grootenboer  Organic vegetables
 Roger Rivest Marketing  1 Queen Street North, Tilbury  N0P 2L0  519-687-3522  Roger Rivest  Organic crops and fertilizers

Pest Control

 Aim to Please Pest Control  30465 Jane Road, Thamesville  N0P 2K0  577-679-0303  Marcel DeClerk  Agricultural pest control
 SGS Pest Management  17 Lemuel Street, Thamesville  N0P 2K0  519-692-4232  Jim Evoy  Agricultural pest control

Precision Ag/Agronomy Services

 AGRIS Co-operative Ltd.  835 Park Ave. West, Chatham  N7M 5J6  519-380-5198  Dale Cowan Variable rate prescriptions, data analysis, record management, GPS
 Thompsons Limited  2 Hyland Drive, Blenheim  N0P 1A0  519-809-0284  Mike Wilson  Variable rate prescriptions, data analysis, record management, GPS
 Devolder Farms  26439 Kennedy Road, Dover Centre  N0P 1L0  519-352-8799  Bob Devolder  Precision planting equipment and data analysis
 Veritas  40 Centre Square, Suite 200, Chatham  N7M 5W3  519-380-2079  Jason VanMaanen  Variable rate prescriptions, data analysis, record management, GPS
 Warriner Ag  18800 Lagoon Rd., R.R. #3, Blenheim  N0P 1A0  519-401-2535  Paul Warriner  Variable rate prescriptions, data analysis, record management, GPS

Seed Companies

Country Farm Seeds Ltd.  18814 Communications Rd. S., Blenheim  N0P 1A0  519-676-4202  Lee Giffin  Corn and soybean seed
Glenn Seed Ltd.  8726 Highway 3 East, Blenheim  N0P 1A0  519-676-3813  Francis Glenn  Seed corn breeding and production
Hyland Seeds, Div. of Dow Agri Sciences  2 Hyland Drive, Blenheim  N0P 1A0  519-676-8146  Marty Vermea  Seed research and production
Jackson Seed Service Ltd.  1315 Jackson Street, Dresden  N0P 1M0  519-683-4413  Dennis Jackson  Seed soybeans
Maizex Seeds Inc.  4488 Mint Line, Tilbury  N0P 2L0  519-682-1720  Dave Baute  Seed corn breeding and production
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd, Division of DuPont  7398 Queen’s Line, Chatham  N7M 5L1  519-352-6350  Tara Moir  Crop seed research and production
Pride Seeds  Pain Court Line, Pain Court  N0P 1Z0  519-354-3210  Kelly Atkinson  Corn and soybean seed research and production
Sals Farms  26208 St. Clair Road, Dresden  N0P 1M0  519-351-1460  Dave Salenbien  Alfalfa and Hay; Seed Cleaning

Trade Associations

Ontario Commercial Fisheries Association  45 James Street, Blenheim  N0P 1A0  519-676-0488  Peter Meisenheimer  www.ocfa.on/ca  Trade assocition for commercial fishermen and processors
Ontario Sugarbeet Growers Association PO Box 150 Stn Main, Wallaceburg N8A 4L5  519-628-5264  Patti Watson  Trade association for sugar beet growers
Seed Corn Growers of Ontario  825 Park Avenue West, Chatham  N7M 5J6  519-352-6710  Chris Nanni  Trade association for seed corn growers


Carther Plants and Produce  30627 Jane Street, Thamesville  N0P 2K0  519-695-5452  Sandra Carther  Vegetables
Cheryl’s Farm Market  24939 Centre Side Road, Dresden  N0P 1M0  519-354-4137  Cheryl Forsyth  Vegetables
Cooper’s Farm Fresh Market  12218 Ridge Line, Ridgetown  N0P 2C0  519-674-3105  Jim Cooper  Vegetables and Fruits
DVS Farms  R.R. # 3, Tupperville  N0P 2M0  519-627-2947  Dave Van Segbrook vanseg@MNSi.Net  Brussels Sprouts
First Class Produce 25345 Baldoon Road, Dover Centre N0P 1C0 519-702-3131 Ryan Rusnak
Fysh Farms R.R. # 3 Thamesville N0P 2K0 519-692-4854 Kim Fysh
Gladstone Farms  428 Chatham St. S., Blenheim  N0P 1A0  519-676-5984  Jackie Gladstone  Sweet Potatoes
Glasier Garlic  4540 Queen’s Line, Tilbury  N0P 2L0  519-682-1930  Greg Glasier  Garlic
JennaLee Garlic & Vegetable Farms  24226 Fuller Road, Thamesville  N0P 2K0  519-351-3520  Jenny Allossery  Garlic; vegetables
Jennen Family Farm Market  11775 Baseline Road, Thamesville  N0P 2K0  519 692 5971  Ellen Jennen  Strawberries and produce
Kerr Farms Limited  309 Indian Creek Road East, Chatham  N7M 5J6  519-352-5567  Bob Kerr  Organic asparagus & tomatoes
Laprise Farms Ltd.  7359 Maple Line, Pain Court  N0P 1Z0  519-351-6633  Jean Laprise  Brussels Sprouts
Pardo Villa Acres Farm Market  7707 Talbot Trail, Blenheim  N0P 1A0  519-676-8638  Doug Pardo  Retial farm market
Peeters Mushroom Farm  8267 Middle Line, Charing Cross  N0P 1G0  519-351-1945  Brian Peeters  Mushrooms
Rick’s Fresh Vegetables  4576 Tecumseh Line, Tilbury  N0P 2L0  519-682-1860  Rick Roelandt  Vegetables
River Bell Market Garden  559 Sydenham Street, Dresden  N0P 1M0  519-683-2052  Joe Grootenboer  Vegetables and fruits
Rol-land Farms Ltd.  19002 Communication Rd., Blenheim  N0P 1A0  519-676-8125  Hank VanderPol  Mushrooms; vegetables
Sarah’s Farm Market  413 Queen Street, Chatham  N7M 2J1  519-352-8348  Sarah Graham  Vegetables
Trilan Farms 10858 Longwoods Road, Chatham N7M 5J7 519-352-4581 Perry Furlan Vegetables
VanWaes Pumpkin Farm  11956 Ridge Line, Ridgetown  N0P 2C0  519-674-5901  Pumpkins

Veterinary Services

Harwich Veterinary Clinic R.R. # 5, Blenheim N0P 1A0 519-676-0495 Dr. Bernie Ferguson  Farm animal veterinarian
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